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 Aquamation Burials

Aquamation(also called alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation) is a process that is green, safe, and a more cost effective way of saying goodbye. By using lye and heat, the process is an alternative to the traditional options of burial or cremation.

Water cremation is the greenest method of burial. This relatively new method involves placing the deceased body inside a container. Then using a solution of water and alkali salts, which will slowly breakdown organic tissues. This process can take around 4 hours. Much like the more traditional cremation method, the body will turn into a powder. After the funeral, the powder will be returned to the family.

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We are help, to help guide you to the best resomation services out here in the United States. The companies we work with, deliver personal and green send-offs that perfectly reflects the life of your or your loved one. This is still a beautiful and fitting way to give your loved one a send off, just with far less of a carbon footprint.

Why Aquamation Might Be Right For You

People are constantly looking at ways to make a difference to help the planet. From the way we consume food to making decisions around our carbon footprint. These decisions are made with a view to helping future generations, to allow them to live with the same freedom. 

There are advanced solutions which are being created and tested to help clean the air that we breath. From  atmospheric greenhouse gases as well looking at ways to replace fossil fuels with clean, efficient methods. But this alone is not going to quicken up the process of protecting the young. 

That is why people are now actively looking at ways to help beyond their own life, by being water cremated, to reduce the carbon monoxide used. 

For more information on how you can help the planet and the future generations, please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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