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What are funeral services

Similar to burial insurance, funeral insurance is a policy taken out which will help you set aside money in advance for your future funeral service. Funeral expenses are often more expensive than people originally expect, which is a very unpleasant surprise, especially during a time of grief. Hence, funeral insurance aims to help cover the costs of a funeral service or help pay for the church.

It can also be used to help keep the price at a fixed rate, as it will protect you and your loved ones from inflation rises and the potential rising costs of a funeral service.

With funeral insurance, the way the policy is set out is that at the time of your passing, the cover which has been taken out will be released right to the funeral home (this is who would be your assignee). This would ensure the costs are covered without delay as they have received the money directly.

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Why should I opt for a funeral policy?

  1. insurance funerals

    No unexpected high bills or debts

  2. insurance funerals

    No worries or stress for your loved ones

  3. insurance funerals

    Tax-free death benefits

  4. insurance funerals

    Eligible for everyone up to 85 years old

  5. insurance funerals

    Easy application online or by phone

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Frequently asked questions

What does Funeral Insurance cover?

Funeral insurance, also often referred to as funeral or final expense, helps to cover things ranging from a memorial service, headstone, and urn to other expenses. It can also be used to cover a loved one's debts, such as medical bills. Insurance Funerals has a wide variety of different insurances and policies, so we can always find one that matches your wishes and needs. Want to learn more about our policies? Leave behind your contact details and get a free consult.

Is there an age limit for taking out funeral insurance?

Most people between 50 to 85 opt for funeral insurance, although most companies also offer plans for people who are 30 years and older. Want to know if we have funeral insurance that fits your needs and wishes? Fill in our contact form.

What are the rates?

Policies typically offer people between $5,000 and $20,000 in benefits. Some funeral insurance companies have a maximum age limit on those to whom they offer plans. Many consumers settle on around $10,000 worth of compensation regardless of their age, so they can help offset their funeral costs. Want to learn what funeral insurance best suits your needs? Apply for a free consultation by filling out our contact form.