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At insurance Funerals, we help you to say goodbye in an affordable and eco-friendly way.

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Eco-friendly funeral services

We are all constantly looking at ways to make a difference and to help fight climate change. We are becoming more aware of our own carbon footprint and want to make the world a better place. To ensure that future generations can enjoy the world as we do, we need to leave the world behind a little better than we found it. With our eco-friendly natural cremation insurance policies, you can ensure that you are actively fighting the climate crisis, even in death.

Insurance Funerals helps you to decide whether aquamation is the right choice for you, helps you find an insurance policy that covers this service, and connects you to local funeral homes and directors providing this service. Fill in our contact form to get in touch with our aquamation experts to learn if this is the best insurance policy for you.

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Advanced solutions

Whether you opt for a traditional service or resomation, our Insurance Funerals policies cover green solutions to ensure that you have a service that fits your wishes. Our advanced solutions include water cremation and other ways to replace fossil fuels with clean, efficient methods. Are you curious to learn more about our eco-friendly cremation and burial services? Fill in our contact form to learn which policy would work best for you and your loved ones and how you can help leave the earth a little greener for future generations.


  • Santana Rodriguez

    Thank you! I managed to pre-arrange all of my wishes and needs thanks!! Very kind people who really listen to you.

  • Willie Jones

    I finally found a funeral home and insurance that covers the costs for aquamation thanks to Insurance Funerals

  • Thomas Fletcher

    Insurance Funerals connected me to the right people and helped me find an insurance that covered all of my wishes.

  • Jonathan Clarkson

    Insurance Funerals helped me find an eco-friendly burial method near me. Their prices are fair and their service is excellent.

  • Katherine McDonald

    Getting funeral insurance with Insurance Funerals was easy. They tackled all of my questions and concerns. I definitely recommend working with them.

  • Kailee Bennett

    I never knew I needed funeral insurances before, but I am happy to know I won’t leave my family behind with expensive bills after I am gone!!

  • David Smith

    Insurance Funerals helped my family through the darkest of times without us having to worry about costs or bills. Thank you

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Water cremation

Water cremation is a more natural, ethical, and environmentally friendly cremation service. Other names for water cremation are aquamation, Alkaline Hydrolysis, resomation, hydro cremation, and bio cremation. For more information about aquamation, click here or fill out our contact form for a free consult.

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Burial services

Besides insurance coverage for aquamation, we also offer free consultations on funeral insurance for traditional burials. Want to ensure that your loved ones do not have any concerns or debts? Fill in a contact form and discuss your wishes and needs with one of our specialists.

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Cremation Services

Our funeral insurances also cover traditional cremation services. Curious to learn what cremation policy is the best for you? We offer several funeral insurance policies for cremation services so you can decide what is best for you and your loved ones.

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