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Frequently asked questions

How much is the consultation from Insurance Funerals?

Whether you are interested in our aquamation services or more traditional burial and cremation methods, a consultation with Insurance Funerals is always 100% free of charge. We understand that these choices may be difficult for both you and your loved ones, and therefore do not charge for our free consultations.

How long does it take to get a free consultation?

The experts at Insurance Funerals always try to get back to you within 3-7 workdays. Due to overwhelming demand, it might take our experts a little longer to get back to you, but do not be afraid; we always take the time to learn about your wishes and needs and provide you with the best possible advice.

Does Insurance Funerals provide other services outside of aquamation?

Yes. Insurance Funerals also provide traditional alternatives to aquamation like traditional burial and cremation services. Because Insurance Funerals work closely with funeral homes and funeral directors in your area, we will be able to provide you with the best funeral insurance.

I missed the call from the Insurance Funeral experts. Do I need to request a new consultation?

No need to worry, we have your details on hand and will get back to you at a more convenient time.