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What is Aquamation?

Aquamation (also known as water cremation) is a green and sustainable option that is increasing in popularity worldwide as people look for new sustainable ways to be cremated; whilst also avoiding the higher costs that are often associated with traditional burials. Climate change is becoming a greater issue that we should look to tackle every single day and by making conscious decisions about how we live during our time on earth and the forward thinking around how we can make small changes to the world when we depart it, we can ensure that future generations have a chance at a better future.

Aquamation has proven to be the greenest burial method to date and has the lowest impact on the environment. The natural process your body goes through at the end of life is sped up by using an alkali solution consisting of potassium hydroxide (KOH) and sodium. After the process, loved ones will receive the ashes, similar to a traditional (fire) cremation. This way, your loved ones can still treasure your memory in whichever way they prefer.

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The benefits of Aquamation

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    Energy-efficient - over 90% of energy is saved compared to flame-based cremation

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    No direction emissions or harmful gasses

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    No fossil fuels are used

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    Safe effluent that does not affect the environment.

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    20% more ash to be returned to your loved ones

Frequently asked questions

Is Aquamation illegal?

Whereas water cremation is not legal yet in every state or country in the world, more and more states and countries are changing their legislation to include resomation as a legal burial method. At Insurance Funeral, we keep a close eye on local, national, and international legislation regarding resomation. Want to learn more about whether water cremation is legal yet in your place of residence? Contact our team to learn more about water cremation near you.

Does a funeral home near me provide aquamation services?

We work closely with many different organizations throughout the United States and Canada and are looking to expand our services to Australia, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe. As more governments approve human aquamation, more funeral homes and funeral directors are able to provide resomation as a green alternative to traditional burials and cremations. If you would like further information on whether aquamation is provided in the area you live or if you would just like further information on the process of aquamation. Feel free to add your contact details below to receive more information and a free consultation from our aquamation experts.

How does aquamation work?

The body will be placed into a stainless-steel vessel, and through a combination of water, temperature, and the alkaline solution, the body's natural decomposition process is accelerated. At the end of the process, the body will have dissolved in the water solution. What remains is a safe effluent, and mineral bone remains, which will be turned into ashes to return to the deceased's loved ones. Would you like to speak to an expert on aquamation to learn more about the technical process? Fill in our contact form to get in touch with our resomation experts.

Is the alkalis used acid? And is the process safe for the environment?

The chemicals used are the exact chemical opposites of acid. The body will thus not be dissolved in acids. Because the solution is composed of water for 95%, the solution is not harmful to the environment. Whereas the ashes are returned to the deceased's loved ones, the water is returned to the ecosystem, completing a natural circle-of-life burial process. Curious to learn more about the other environmental benefits of our green cremation services? By filling out our contact form, our specialists will be able to get in touch to tell you more about how aquamation helps to make the world a little greener.

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