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Find the latest aquamation and funeral insurance information below. Keep up to date with news around changing legislation and laws on eco friendly burials.

List of articles published:
  1. Is burial insurance right for you? - Here at Insurance Funerals we want to help you make the best informed decision possible when it comes to deciding whether to take burial insurance out. This article should help you understand whether it is something that would be right for you or your loved ones.
  2. Planning for a funeral - We understand that planning for a funeral is often the last thing anyone wants to think about. We have provided some helpful tips to consider when taking on the responsibilites of ensuring your loved ones are sent off with love and dignity.
  3. Aquamation in California - With the first facility in Califronia now open, since Feb 2022, we take a look at how demand for eco friendly burials are on the rise across the state.
  4. Aquamation Vs Cremation - A personal choice that is never one to take lightly, we help answer some questions that may bring you closer to making the choice that works best for you.
  5. Aquamation in Maryland - We explore the change in perception of eco friendly burials within the state of Maryland.
  6. A deep dive into Eco-Freindly burials - Find out more on the differnet burial methods you can choose from whilst keeping the enviornment at the front of your mind.