Aquamation in California

An eco conscious state, there is often a misconception that California would be one of the states where alternative burials would be a fairly popular choice. In 2017, California formally passed the bill to allow alternative burials such as water burials take place. And only until recently was having a water burial in California not a possibility. However, in February 2022 the first Aquamation facility opened in Escondido – the company White Rose Aqua Cremation in San Diego is first of its kind in California to offer this service.

Is everyone on board with alternative burials in California?

California is currently benefitting from an aligned approach in congress with both parties in agreement that alternative burial solutions should be explored. There are currently discussions on going around approving human composting. This is the method of placing the body in a steel chamber and placing biodegradable materials in the chamber as well. The body then naturally decomposes over a 30-day period.

Whilst there is some strong resistance from the catholic church to alternative burials. There is an overwhelming openness to these methods within California is highly encouraging for those that are looking to make more eco-friendly conscious decisions when it comes to burial choices.

So what is next for burials in California?

There is an increased urgency in California to find appropriate solutions to burials, such as aquamation. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, by 2040 only 14% of burials will be buried. At the same time, they estimate that 80% of burials will be via cremation. As we have covered extensively here at Insurance Funerals, the impact on the environment that these cremations will have cannot be understated. Current cremation carbon dioxide figures stand at 6.8m metric tons, on a yearly basis. This further highlights the importance and urgency to find alternative solutions.

Despite only the first Aquamation facility opening up just this year the method is certainly on an upward trajectory with more and more people enquiring about the different solutions now becoming available to them. We are confident over the coming years to help counter the projected increases in cremation burials that there will be more facilities to open up.